Lahti Motorcycle Fair 23–24 May
- the best of the motorcycling world at the new and improved Lahti Fair Centre

The motorcycling fair is back in Lahti with a vengeance. In May 2015, motorbikes will take centre stage at the Lahti Fair Centre, where they will be showcased not only as beautiful machines but also as a lifestyle and a hobby. The new, exciting form of the fair provides a versatile programme and top-quality entertainment. Feeling of freedom and a more relaxed lifestyle are what people are after when they take up motorbiking, and this is reflected in the fair’s programme.Thanks to its timing, the Lahti Motorcycle Fair offers a great chance for visitors to kick off the biking season and arrive on a bike.

The Lahti Motorcycle Fair introduces several fast-paced motorsport events, while also showcasing motorcycle touring and tour destinations and a wide range of motorbikes, mopeds, and biking gear. The event will offer new tips and fresh ideas for newbies and experienced bikers alike. In addition, safety and advice services offered in the field feature prominently in the programme.

The Lahti Motorcycle Fair also offers exciting shows, music, and a brilliant atmosphere.  Long-time motorcycle enthusiast Riku Routo acts as the art director for the event.

The Lahti Fair Centre recently underwent extensive renovation, and its four exhibition halls and high-quality technical services make for a top-notch venue for a motorbike show. They also allow the realisation of even the most unique and exciting ideas on the premises.  

Lahti Motorcycle Fair 2015:

  • motorcycles, mopeds, scooters

  • gear and accessories

  • nostalgia and lifestyle

  • services and information, bike tours

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lauantaina 23.5. klo 9-19
sunnuntaina 24.5. klo 10-17
Lauantai: 15 € ennakkoon, 20 € ovelta
Sunnuntai: 12 € ennakkoon, 15 € ovelta
Kahden päivän messupassi:
20 € ennakkoon, 25 € ovelta
7-17-vuotiaat: 10 € ennakkoon, 12 € ovelta
Ryhmälippu (minimi 10 hlöä):
lauantai 12 €, sunnuntai 10 €, 2 pv 16 €
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